Remediation & Regeneration

Coinford are competitive throughout the South East of England, undertaking all aspects of bulk earthworks, associated remediation, reclamation, infrastructure and development projects.

Many modern day projects in this region are positioned on brownfield sites. These sites tend to have a cocktail of contaminants left in the ground.

Compliant remediation is therefore having the capability, resources and management to safely undertake a multitude of processes in order to achieve a clean site as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, with minimum disruption and nuisance to the neighbourhood and environment.
Coinford’s Remediation Department has valuable and unrivalled practical experience in many of the Remediation technologies, methods and processes and undertakes them primarily in-house.

In tandem with this, Coinford protects the Client’s reputation and legal standing with the Local Authority, it’s Planning Department, Environmental Authority and Environmental Health Departments.

Our Remediation and Regeneration services:

Professional Services:


  • Pre-acquisition financial viability
  • Site investigations and land surveys / modelling
  • Independent testing and reporting of soils and water
  • Identification of environmental liabilities
  • Remediation strategy
  • Method statements and risk assessments
  • Decontamination management set-up on-site logistics and traffic management plans and controls
  • Environmental and health control and monitoring
  • Remediation and any associated civil works
  • On-going land surveying and associated volume calculations
  • Temporary works / permanent works

Specialist Services:


  • Recycling – screening, crushing
  • Explosives – UXB probing
  • Contamination migration barriers – silent or hammer / steel sheet piling or CFA / rotary secant piling
  • Contract piling and archaeology management and attendance. (Principal contractor if required)
  • Dewatering, well pointing, discharge, mechanical / chemical water treatments and discharge licences
  • In-situ and off site contamination testing in conjunction with selective bulk dig, stockpiling
    and recycling / cart away
  • CCTV monitored cart away logging, recording and archiving
  • Dust suppression and monitoring
  • Obstruction removal
  • Enabling works including drainage, services and highways