Section 172 (1) Statement for the year ending 30 April 2023

In accordance with Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006, the Directors of the Company must act in a way that they, in good faith, would be most likely to promote the success of the Company for the benefit of its members as a whole and in doing so the Directors should have regard to:

Our Workforce

The Company recognises that its workforce is its most important asset in delivering long term success. 

Engagement: We continue to engage with our workforce via toolbox talks and briefings on training and health and safety matters and this has been particularly crucial as we have adapted our site operations to manage the coronavirus pandemic.

Training and development: The Company continues to invest in its people to ensure they can bring industry best practice to our sites.

Apprentices: We also continue our successful apprenticeship programme and seek to nurture new talent with the expectation that they will become the managers of the future.

Wellbeing: We support employee wellbeing with our Employee Assistance Programme.

Our Stakeholders

The Company carefully maintains good relationships with its stakeholders and as a result our stakeholders continue to support the business. This has been demonstrably so during the coronavirus pandemic.

Clients: We regularly engage with our clients at client and industry events, site visits and meetings.  We aim to develop long term relationships with key personnel within our client base and are keen to align our success to theirs.

Suppliers & subcontractors: Our supply chain remain a key driver to long term success.  We engage with our suppliers at industry events and regular account review meetings.  The Board monitors the treatment of our suppliers and subcontractors to ensure they are paid to terms and treated fairly.

Banks & Lenders: We have quarterly meetings with our principle finance providers to update them on company performance.  We have a small portfolio of trusted finance providers so we can maintain and develop our reputation as a well-managed business.

Our Community & Environment

Environment: We continue to innovate in our production and continue to find ways to re-use materials on site to reduce the amount disposed off-site.  We also invest in modern fuel-efficient plant and machinery so we can deliver our services at a lower carbon cost.

Community: The Company supports local and industry charities.  The Company is registered with HM Prison Service’s resettlement programme to offer work to offenders approaching release.  It also supports the “Local Labour in Construction” scheme across various locations.

Our Business Conduct

Fairness: The Company understands that to ensure a long-term success it needs to treat its workforce and stakeholders with fairness and respect.

Compliance: The Company maintains and monitors policies around modern slavery and economic crime, among others.

BY order of the Board on behalf of:

Coinford Holdings Ltd (06885002), Coinford Ltd (05256144), Coinford Central Ltd (07072849), Coinford Construction Ltd (02539207), Coinford Plant Ltd (06736352), Formco Construction Ltd (06798011) and Manco South Ltd (9434310)

1 May 2022