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Anonymous browsing
This website will not collect any personal information about you without your consent. As part of our ongoing improvement and development of the website we do collect statistical information about visits to our site. Your anonymous information is combined with all other visitor data. It includes:

  • Your IP address
  • Search terms used to find the website
  • The pages accessed on our website and the links that were clicked on
  • The date and time the site was visited
  • The site visited before visiting ours
  • The operating system used (eg Mac, Windows)
  • The web browser version you use (eg Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)

Email policy
If we receive an email from you, your details will be held in our database for future reference. You may receive occasional email messages from us on subjects that we consider may be of interest to you in the future. We will not sell, distribute or rent your personal information to third parties.